offers an original way to learn drawing and painting techniques. On line drawing course

What is new here is the possibility for all to weekly be in contact via skype and get the help needed to progress efficiently toward a full grasp of the art. I'm not promoting skype as I've no interest in them but it is the only efficient way to get RESULTS. After over 20 years of teaching in my studio I know from that experience that learning an art is difficult without direct exchange and communication. Art is communication anyway you look at it. Learning it without that vital part is like experimenting a flight facing a screen instead of a real airplane panel.

Of course anyone may just download the lessons (some are for free) withtou subscribing to personnal advices.

But you may freely have a unique appointment with me on skype for any advices you may want about painting and drawing.

The second part of the site is dedicated to rare documents which are freely available to any customer. Since over 20 years of teaching this art I've seen the disapearance of very important material containing rare knowledge about painting and drawing. Inspite of many requests to editors no interest in reprint was shown.

This documentation is in constant evolution. Get updated in your next visit to this site. Thank you for visiting this site.

Note: even though I do speak english all material is in French. I can build lessons in english if you wish. Contact me in that case.